We stand in the gap through philanthropy to assist alleviate poverty, disease and ignorance through provision of charity water projects in needy rural and urban communities in Africa.

Provision of water in Africa is mainly done via sinking of deep boreholes that run from 150 meters upto 400 meters deep, construction of dams and through construction of water pans and sand dams.

Help support a worthy cause, save a life by donating, sponsorship or even by giving to aid for a water project in Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Donate, sponsor a dam construction, a borehole, a water pan or even a water reservoir tank

1. Sponsor a Sand dams/ water pans in Kenya
These are fairly low in terms of construction costs and range from as low as US$48,000 for a moderate water pan and US$95,000 for a large water pan, depending on water catchment area and size. A bill of quantities is required.

2. Donate to a Mature dam construction

A good dam can serve a whole division and a good dam will cost as from US$985,000 upwards depending on water catchment area and storage capacity objectives. A medium sized dam costs about US$1,500,000- 2,000,000 and a large size dam costs up from US$2,500,000- 3,000,000. Bills of quantities are required and we normally present these on request.

3. Donate a water Borehole

After the geology survey, we proceed to quantify costs needed, tools and personnel and the quest for water drilling or wells drilling can proceed. Boreholes drilling costs range from US$55,000 upwards depending on the area.

4. Water tanks for storage normally cost from US$8,500 up to equivalent of US$15,000, depending on structure type. Water tanks come in handy as schools can harvest rain water and save the pupils the agony of having to ferry water to schools.

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