We stand in the gap through philanthropy to assist alleviate poverty, disease and ignorance through provision of charity water projects in needy rural and urban communities in Africa.

Greentec Water Africa has partnered with Churches, NGO;s, individual sponsors and small and large organizations around the globe to take that precious resource- water to rural communities in Africa and make dreams come true for communities.

Water provision remains a number one problem in Kenya, particularly in the rural areas, despite progress made in the recent years.

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation are very important in alleviation of poverty and the millenium development goals.

WASH programmes in Kenya are being undertaken in schools and communities by government and private NGO's and charity organizations, inorder to sensitize communities on hygiene.

In the Kambaland communities of Kenya, two out of three people typically have no access to adequate water supply. The rains have become increasingly unpredictable and drought is inevitable.
Children have to take water to school with them, both to drink and for the school cooking; hence these children will walk many miles daily in search of water, thus wasting precious time for studies.
Provision of water in Africa is mainly done via sinking of deep boreholes, construction of dams and through construction of water pans and sand dams.

As for social responsibility, we have helped local Kamba communities with construction of water pans and tanks from time to time as the need arises.

On humanitarian grounds, we exposed a young boy, Samuel, on medical grounds, who had a deformity on the head get sponsorship treatment from America courtesy of some volunteer doctors and a certain local NGO.

Women que for water in Africa
Locals que for water from an only water point in Arid Kitui Kenya in Africa.


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