We stand in the gap through philanthropy to assist alleviate poverty, disease and ignorance through provision of charity water projects and sensitization of hygiene programmes in needy rural and urban communities in Africa.

Greentec Water Africa is limited by guarantee (charitable, non profit entity) It was initiated with the objective of alleviating poverty in Africa through initiation of projects and enhancement of hygiene practices. We sponsor to sponsor water projects for communities in East Africa through partnerships, to help those that are hurting. We are located in Nairobi Kenya and operate with a team dedicated for the welfare of the less fortunate African.

Greentec Water Africa, an East African entity, has long term objectives of alleviating poverty and implementation of MDG’s (millennium development goals) and assisting needy and vulnerable communities across Africa. This is enabled by initiation of modern agricultural practices like growing crops in greenhouses, reforestation and provision of water resources with irrigation methods in the rural communities.

We work with communities, first to provide them with hope and secondly, deliver donor funded projects that enhance livelihoods. By initiating water projects, children can have time to get to school instead of helping families source for water and as a result, community lives are enhanced, better sanitation realized and education enabled as children can spend more time in schools as opposed to searching for water from streams. We work on WASH projects like hand washing in schools to sensitize school going students on proper sanitation and hygeine.

We endeavor to provide water in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda by drilling boreholes, constructing dams and water pans.
We are water specialists, thus use our resources and those of well wishers on an hands on basis without involving third parties, therefore resources are used 80%, maximally, for the welfare of stakeholders and on funding community projects.

We take ownership and run the projects to perform and conform to set standards as per objectives. Our team is action oriented and will make sure to deliver on deadlines. As our partner, we appreciate your contribution and we encourage you to be part of the leadership and bring expertise, technical or otherwise.


The managing Trustee is Jeffrey Muthengi (BBA Hons)

is backed by a very reliable dedicated team of professional water specialists, who are also philanthropists, backed by many years experience on water projects in Kenya, including;

    • Lawrence Kanyoro (Dip Business 10 years experience)- Member
    • Liz Meu (company secretary 2 years experience) - Member
    • Joseph Wambua (Advanced construction + civil Engineer 20 year’s experience) - Member
    • David Wambua (boreholes specialist 15 years experience) - Member
    • Christine Mawiyoo (community development projects specialist 15 years experience) – Member

Donkeys ferry water to schools each day from streams of Africa
Donkeys ferry water to a nearby school in Eastern Kenya



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