We stand in the gap through philanthropy to assist alleviate poverty, disease and ignorance through provision of charity water projects and sensitization of hygiene programmes in needy rural and urban communities in Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Welcome to our world. Greentec Water Africa is a charitable organization limited by guarantee. Water makes environments green.

You are about to make a choice that will greatly impact positively on the African poor and underprivileged or less privileged by partnering with us on philanthropy and humanitarian aid.

We intend to enable inhabitants in impoverished communities of developing countries in Africa to be economically self reliant, free from disease and ignorance by empowering local communities with information and knowledge as well as free donated charity water projects. We provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education to communities and schools to ensure cleanliness and hygeine is enhanced and as a result, rid communities free from diseases. We assist and educate the youth and women on environment conservation and planting of forest and tree cover to mitigate climate change.

Provision of water will contribute to poverty reduction and empower communities to undertake farming and get clean water for households.
Children will have humble time to access schooling as opposed to helping parents search for water. As a result, education will be enhanced.

Stakeholders will be able to undertake economic ventures by using water to rear animals and as a result raise standards of living.
Provision of clean water will enhance hygiene and help prevention of diseases.

Tales of immense suffering and the harsh realities of environmental, economic conditions and impoverished living abound on the African poor with families who cannot manage to meet basic biogenic needs leave alone security needs. Communities in Africa are faced with hunger, lack of clean water which causes diseases and social economic ills as well as a lack for education. With water, environments safe and replenished as communities will do reafforestation. Protecting our forests protects our clean water.

We do not use third party organizations but implement all projects directly to the beneficiaries.

Funding of water projects in Kenya is a calling. We endevour to make a difference to the needy poor in Africa and each day we engange to sponsor at least a community with water. That's our calling and urge you to partner with us inorder to make this world a better place for the needy African child and help those who are hurting. Lets make this world a better place than we found it.

Fetching water in rural Africa



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