Run | walk | Fund raise for water projects and environment conservation for Africa

Fund raise for eradication of Malaria and water borne diseases in Africa

Organized sporting activities are some of the most effective ways to raise funds for a worthy cause.

You can take part in a organized running event, a football match, a walk or an organized golf tournament for a worthy cause. You too can initiate your own charity event and call it "walk or run to raise funds for a water project in Africa". Fixed entry charges can be US$, UK pound 500 or 1000 or simply sell merchandise, like a polo shirt or sports track suit with the event theme inscribed on it.

Fundraising can take many forms.
Organize a dinner dance on your birthday party with fixed entrance fee tickets for US$, UK pound 500 and help fund a water pan or a borehole in Africa.

Initiate your own charity event creatively and join hands with us to help those that are in need.


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